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Costs and whats involved:

Flexibility- feel free to include any content you wish, traditional, spiritual or secular - you can include music, poems, readings, the lighting of candles etc

Home visit, to listen and understand about the person we are celebrating. This is followed by telephone support.

Liason with Funeral Director - Should you already have organised a Funeral Director, I am more than happy to work alongside any companies of your choosing.

Drafted Eulogy, to be confirmed and authorised by you.

Written copy of the service.



We fervently believe a funeral should be a complete celebration of a person`s life. It should capture the essence of their life, their beliefs and relationships.

However, I have attended many funerals which, though respectful and traditional, are staid and restricted. Services that are entrenched in dogma of all kinds and not representative of the person I knew, and a life well lived.

As a professional celebrant, I make it my utmost priority to deliver a service that befits the person and their family. A ceremony conducted with care and respect, that is purposeful, beautiful and offers warmth and heart at the core of its celebration.

I will ensure that along with this final fond farewell, so can begin a sense of comfort and healing as you remember the life that was lived and not just the person that has passed.