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Im Jenny Worrall and Laugh Love Lived Ceremonies is my solution to years of attending weddings and funerals that lacked heart and soul, and sheer frustration when it came to planning something appropriate to mark the birth of my first child, Seb.

When Seb was born, My husband and I wanted a way to  celebrate him. We are not particularly religious and  it felt hypocritical to hold a christening - but we felt it was important, along with all the prominant people in our lives, to make true our hopes, dreams and promises for Seb. I couldnt find anyone to help us. We wanted something so personal, yet with that touch of humour that made

Similarly, I had attended a relatives funeral, and shockingly, the minister cited the wrong name three times, even after being corrected by a distressed relative. It became the thing we remembered from the funeral. Rather than coming away feeling at peace, we felt angry and upset.

In the end, I decided to train as an independant celebrant with The Fellowship of Professional Celebrants, for weddings and baby namings and decided to make Seb's baby naming ceremony my first service - we havent looked back since!

Who Are We

The utter beauty of a ceremony conducted with us at Laugh Love Lived, is the complete freedom and flexiblity we offer to ensure that you can have your day, your way.                                                              

What do you want from your day? What is important to you? Who are you? We take the time to talk through, listen and understand you...It`s important that you feel comfortable enough with us, and to trust that we will create the best ceremony possible for your service.